CNC router FLEXI

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CNC router FLEXI is a professional CNC machine designed for cutting surface materials by milling and cutting.

The CNC router FLEXI is a professional productive CNC machine designed for cutting flat materials by milling and cutting, intended for continuous operation. The machine is designed and manufactured in the Czech Republic. Only components manufactured exclusively in the EU are used in production. Rich accessories, a comfortable control system and tuned CAD / CAM software make this CNC machine a powerful means of production.

The machine is basically equipped with a vacuum table with the possibility of sector closing of the unoccupied part of the table. The powerful blower controlled by the frequency converter automatically adapts to the pressure losses.

ATCH for 6 instruments is already in the basic configuration.

The spindle is equipped with a suction nozzle, which automatically adapts to the strength of the material and helps to hold it directly at the tool during milling. Thanks to this system, only a minimal amount of chips enters the surrounding area during milling.

The basic router FLEXI is equipped with a main vertical support with a powerful electric spindle. The machine can be expanded with a secondary vertical support for interchangeable units (oscillating knife, cutting wheel free or driven, marking head ultrasonic knife, etc.). The following figure schematically shows the arrangement of the main vertical support with electric spindle on the right and the secondary vertical support for exchangeable units on the left.


wood – based boards, plywood, chipboard, blockboard

plastic boards PVC, ABS, plexiglass, acrylic, etc.

bond plates, cell plates, etc.

production of composites

production of sealing elements

production of packaging and processing of filling materials

advertising graphics and production of souvenirs

textile industry, processing of technical textiles

leather processing, upholstery

production of insulating cushions for energy equipment

Main electric spindle

The CNC router FLEXI is equipped with a powerful electric spindle with pneumatic tool cone release for automatic tool change. The spindle is equipped with a cavity for an ISO30 cone with a clamping pin.

Technical parameters of the electric spindle

0 – 24 000 rpm

operating speed range

3,8 kW / 4,5 kW

S1 continuously / S2 intermittently

Power characteristics of the spindle

Tool changer

The CNC router FLEXI can be equipped with an automatic tool changer. The linear arrangement of positions without auxiliary mechanisms guarantees high reliability and speed when changing tools. The software includes a tool manager.

Technical parameters of ATCH

6, 9, 12

number of positions

8 – 12 s

tool change time (according to tool arrangement)

Working aggregates

Vector unit with "C" axis and pneumatic oscillating head OH-150

  • foam and honeycomb materials for the production of composites
    kevlar, aramid, dyneema
  • foam materials for packaging production
  • rubber and various types of sealing materials
  • floor coverings (PVC, vinyl, carpet, etc.)
  • cardboard and corrugated cardboard
  • layered textiles (manufacture of wearing apparel and other textile products)
  • nonwovens, filter materials
  • leather, imitation leather

Vector unit with "C" axis and DUKANE ultrasonic converter

  • rubber and various types of sealing materials
  • glass and carbon prepreg

Vector unit with "C" axis and driven cutting wheel

  • glass and carbon prepreg

"C" axis with head for rotary blades, grooving and perforating wheels

  • glass and carbon fabric (roving)
  • rubberized fabrics
  • insulation materials
  • creasing and perforating cardboard

"C" axis with cutting head for trailing knives

The trailing knife is designed for harder and hard materials, which are able to withstand the force exerted by the movement of the knife during cutting. The head is equipped with a continuously adjusted depth of cut limiter.

  • cardboard and corrugated cardboard
  • thin plastic plates of various types
  • thin plywood
  • magnetic foils
  • sealing materials
  • soft metals (lead, tin, zinc alloys, etc.)

Milling unit

The milling unit with material pressure, flexible glider and integrated suction is designed for cutting shaped parts by milling. It is possible to mill a wide range of materials (eg wood, plywood, plastic, sandwich, composite and foam boards). The high-quality high-speed spindle with stepless speed control enables the clamping of milling tools up to a diameter of 8 mm. A part of the unit is a flexible glider, with the help of which it is possible to mill materials with a thickness of 0.3 – 10 mm. This system ensures the pressure of the material on the substrate during milling and at the same time the extraction of chips from the place of cutting.


The unit for marking pens with flexible compensation for different types of pens is used mainly for marking parts for subsequent technological procedures. High-strength ink pens are available in line thicknesses of 0.3, 0.6 and 1 mm. You can also choose from a wide range of colors.

Use of the machine

Wood-based board materials (plywood, MDF, blockboard, etc.), bond boards, PVC, plexiglass, polycarbonate, etc.

The FLEXI CNC router can be used in the production of advertising graphics, cladding materials for facades, in joinery production in the milling of wood-based boards, production of laboratory equipment from plexiglass and polycarbonate, etc.


The production of packaging materials has its specifics and requirements. The cardboard can be cut productively with an oscillating knife or, under certain conditions, with a fixed knife. Of course, there is the possibility of grooving, so you can take the completely finished unwinding out of the machine.

Rubber, clingerite, Teflon, fiber, sealing paper, etc.

CNC router FLEXI is an ideal choice for the production of flat gaskets. Your products will be of perfect quality and their production will be very productive in both piece and series production.


Na stroji CNC router FLEXI je možné řezat širokou škálu textilních materiálů. Oscilační hlava s vhodným nožem si snadno poradí s přírodním i umělým materiálem. Pro zvýšení produktivity je možné textil skládat na sebe a to až do výšky maximálního prořezu podle typu stroje.

Composite materials

In the production of composites, the CNC router FLEXI machine finds application in cutting blanks. Glass cloth, carbon cloth and prepreg can be very productively divided with a rotary knife, kevlar and similar materials with an oscillating knife on a special pad. The oscillating knife also finds application in cutting sandwich materials such as HEREX, AIREX, honeycomb materials, etc.

Leather, imitation leather, rubber

For cutting products from leather, imitation leather, rubber and similar materials, the machine is equipped with a highly productive oscillating head, the cutouts are accurate and the quality of the cut is very high.

Advertising graphics

The requirements for a machine for the production of advertising graphics are very wide and almost all types of technologies can be used here. Oscillating knife for cutting foam materials, trailing knife for cutting self-adhesive foils, tarpaulins, magnetic foils and milling cutter for contour cutting of board material by milling.

Technical parameters

The FLEXI CNC router is manufactured in 4 width and 7 length variants.

Width variants:

Machining dimension in the "X" axismm1400170020002300
Overall width of the machinemm2000230026002900

Length variants:

DesignationUnitMachining dimension in the "Y" axisTotal length of the machine
1530mm15301900 + OP
2130mm21302500 + OP
2730mm27303100 + OP
3330mm33303700 + OP
3930mm39304300 + OP
4530mm45304900 + OP
5130mm51305500 + OP

Other technical parameters:

Working stroke of axis "Z1"mm96
Working stroke of axis "Z2"mm156
Working feed rangemm/min0 - 45000
Rapid feedmm/min45000
Repeated approach accuracymm0,01
Power supplyV / Hz3 x 400 / 50
Weight on requestkgaccording to the model