Cutter SPEEDY is a universal CNC cutting machine. According to the technology it can be used as CNC cutter, CNC plotter or CNC router. This is a professional, productive CNC machine designed to cut flat materials by cutting or milling.


CNC cutter - cutting of textiles, rubber, cardboard, corrugated cardboard, leather, artificial leather, etc. Composite manufacturers use it for cutting glass and carbon fabrics, prepregs, entrapment foils and sandwich materials (honeycombs, foam materials such as herex, airex etc.).

CNC plotter - cutting of self-adhesive foils, labeling, marking etc.

CNC router - milling of plywood, plastic and sandwich boards, composite boards, etc.


Oscillating knife
Rotary knife
Towing knife
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Technical parameters

Cutter SPEEDY is produced in 3 width and 4 length variants.

Width variants:

 Description unit small - S middle - M large - L
 Axis machining dimension "X" mm 1010 1310 1610
 Overall width of the machine mm 1482 1782 2082

Length variants:

Designation unit Axis machining dimension "Y" Overall length of the machine
1600 mm 1610 1864
2200 mm 2210 2464
2800 mm 2810 3064
3400 mm 3410 3664

Other technical parameters:

 Description unit value
 Axis travel "Z" mm 96
 Working feed range mm / min 0 - 60000
 Rapid traverse mm / min 60000
 Repeated travel accuracy mm 0,01
 Power supply V / Hz 3x400 / 50
 Power consumption W 1200
 Weight on request kg By type
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